Suvan Law Advisors is a specialist and boutique law firm having expertise in regulatory laws. We believe in excellence, and it is highlighted in our domestic and global clientele.

       The most important part of our team is our people. We believe that skills and competences in our team are the most precious asset, and we are always on a look out for exceptional professionals who demonstrate an outstanding degree of legal and commercial expertise beyond that of their peers.

       We are focused on quality employment and modern outlook to legal solutions. We aim to promote legal, technical, cultural and managerial ability and motivate people to work autonomously. We encourage initiative takers and people who can walk the talk.

     Any person who believes that s/he has legal skills, knowledge management skills, managerial skills like business development or any other talent which can complement Suvan Law Advisors is most welcome to write to us.

       As a culture, we encourage people who are go-getters, exuberating life and energy as much as who can commit to clients and deadlines. Suvan Team is full of activity and excitement on festivals, outings and achievement celebrations. At Suvan, writing, reading, speaking with larger audiences is always fortified. It is our culture that from a new entrant to everyone in the Firm is expected to read at least five (5) financial newspapers every day.

        Beyond offering competitive pay and perks, Suvan Law Advisors believe in fostering liveliness with celebrations and Firm Retreats in an effort to channelize stress into positive, productive energy and oft-forgotten work-life balance. We take care and provide special attention to our younger team members.

      If you believe that you have something special to offer what Suvan Law Advisors looks forward to, do write at while filling up a form at the applicable following sections: –